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Enjoy the variety of our video trailers. If your project requires an out of the box approach, you may gain some inspiration here.  We conceive original ideas/concepts and then combine the talent and production necessary to bring it to screen. We offer everything from guerrilla style to studio including custom graphics, sound and post production effects.    

 NOTE:  Each Individual video is looped. Click screen to pause. ​

"Ron Dixon's Flight Club" Trailer

Comedy Documentary Film Trailer "I'd Rather Be Homeless Than a Liberal"

Parody Spot "Bowl Buddy"

Explore the life of pilots with former NY Giants Wide Receiver, Ron Dixon. See the trailer from the pilot episode.

Mike takes to the street to teach the homeless capitalism by offering them new signs.

See the product that eliminates "Splash Back."

Note:  Each Video Is Looped.​ Click The Screen To Pause

"Twisted Friends" Movie Trailer

Michael Jackson/Pepsi Spoof

When Pepsi sponsored Mike McDaniel years back, Mike's edior re-cut the spot to reflect the news of the day.

This trailer about a group of misfit friends uses the premiss of the movie's premier as the sales tease.

"Now That's Comedy" Universal Studios Florida, Show Open

In the late nineties Mike produced a clean comedians special for Christian TV featuring Mark Lowry among others. Here is the show open for that special.

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