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Our client list is quite extensive with a wide range of budgets and challenges. We chose these four examples to highlight our work diversity. Please don't hesitate to contact us about your project regardless of the production challenges. We promise not to shiver and cry like babies.

Budget Range


NY Giants, Wide Receiver (ret) Ron Dixon​

After playing in the Super Bowl and retiring from the NFL, Ron Dixon was challenged with what to do next. With an interest in reality TV, Ron chose us to produce his TV pilot, 'Flight Club." Ron now has a letter of intent from Fox Sports Network. We are rooting for Ron and of course more work for us! 

Budget Range

15k + ongoing ​

Progressive Medical Research

We created a specialty video about this medical research facility which is currently being used for obtaining pharmaceutical clients and for patient recruitment. 

Budget Range


WWE ​Hacksaw Jim Duggan​

Hacksaw Jim Duggan used us to produce his TV Episode 'Bikers Court' featuring Hacksaw as judge with an all biker jury. Hacksaw was also used in several episodes of 'Havin' a Beer with Mike" and was the feature of a DVD release produced by Michael McDaniel TV. Hacksaw's close friend Brian Knobbs  (Nasty Boys) was so impressed after a screening of Biker's Court, He hijacked OUR idea and produced 'Trailer Court" using himself as a TV judge. His flopped and our never got off the ground. That's show biz! Nice friend huh? 

Budget Range


​Yuengling Brewing Co.

We produced several TV spots and multiple product placement segments for Yuengling in a long running reality TV series.  

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