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Hottest Deal!

A Thrilling Roller

Coaster of Comedy!"

-Warren Bridges via NY POST

$19.95    S&H $3 Flat

On This DVD..

Mistaken Identity:  

A Richard Simmons impersonator accidently enters the home of a child predator sting and gets taken down by the cops.

Fornicators:  Mike gets caught on a 'Cheaters" type program as his girlfriend dishes the dirt.

Plus this DVD contains a "Rainman" spoof and our infamous "James The Narcoleptic Tree Cutter."​

Approx 100 min NOT RATED

$19.95     S&H $3 Flat

This DVD Comes with an Actual Piece of Hacksaw's 2x4 that was used in the WWE Ring and a Certificate of Authenticity Signed By Hacksaw!.

On This DVD..

WWE Hacksaw Jim Duggan DVD: 

This is an exceptional DVD truly unique for both wrestling and non-wrestling fans. Through Hacksaw Jim Duggan's years with the WWF, WCW and WWE, he frequently appeared on Havin' a Beer with Mike  to perform comedy, stunts and reality based TV gags.  


Also included on this DVD is the lost TV Pilot "Bikers Court" featuring Hacksaw as Judge against an all biker jury. Please read the attached review for more!

Approx 74 min NOT RATED

"Irreverent and Smart!"

-Thomas Link. Pres FMPTA

(Florida Motion Picture & TV  Assn.

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat

On This DVD..  

This remarkable social experiment follows the results of 5 homeless men who change their tired "will work for food" signs for signs bearing conservative capitalistic messages such as "Palin is hot, Pelosi is not, a buck or two would hit the spot." Public reaction is outstanding as homeless revenues soar!


This DVD also features other "street-libs" performed by Mike and his band of misfits as they tool around in the Beer Patrol Car. 


Approx 88 mins NOT RATED



$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..

Mike Loves Black People:

Mike saves a midget who gives watermellons, colt 45, moon pies and fried chicken to the black community.


Gay No More:

A gay man professes that he wants to be straight so Mike takes him to a quack hypnotists.


Fake OJ:

People are fooled by an OJ Simpson look-alike.


Mike Goes Amish:

Mike joins the Amish community and has "temptation withdrawls." 


Approx 111 mins NOT RATED

$19.95  S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..

Walmart Baby Delivery: Mike and the gang stage a fake baby delivery at Walmart! 


300 lbs in a Speedo: This fat man has no shame!


There's Something about Midget: Mike helps a love lorn midget who is trying to get a date with 3 chics in a hot tub.


The Lost Naked Girl: Mike tries to locate a lost naked girl.


Fake Homicide: Mike stages a murder and recruits unsuspecting people to participate.


Approx 100 min. Not Rated

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..


Lost in Vegas: A midget with a gambling addiction gets in trouble with the Vegas mob.


The Bedwetter: A 40 year old bedwetter gets hypnotized and runs around town in his diaper.


Hacksaw & The Imposter: WWE Hacksaw Jim duggan gets pranked.


Directors Cut: 6 bonus segments including Mike's impressions, sidekicks and public appearances.



Approx 75 mins NOT RATED

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..


James The Narcoleptic Tree Cutter: A tree cutter falls asleep in a tree with a running chainsaw then proceeds to destroy private property with falling trees.


Stunt Goes Wrong: A mentally challenged man forgets to work the fire extinguisher and allows his buddy to burn up.


Payback TV: The edior seeks revenge against Mike and inserts embarrasing footage into the final show.


Supermarket Drive Through: Mike hijacks a golf cart and drives it into a store causing trouble.


Approx 83 mins NOT RATED 

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..


Down and Out: Mike attempts to rescue a homeless suicidal midget by involving the Orlando Magic Cheerleaders. 


Six Foot Midget: Through surgery, a midget becomes 6 feet tall then enteres society as "one of the guys."


Mike's Biggest Fan: Mike encounters a strange obsessive fan with a mental disorder.


Mike Drops Carl: Mike drops a midget off of a 200 foot tower.


The Bar Tour: Mike and his band of misfits visits 3 bars. 


Approx 86 mins NOT RATED 

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..


Kyle Petty Look-alike: Race fans are duped when Mike passes off an imposter at a crowded track.


The Mentally Challenged Stripper: Ben goes on a stripping rampage.


Superstar: Egos are out of control when Mike's friend Ben decides he's too famous and good looking to be seen with "common" folks.


The Rain Man Spoof: Mike and Ben hit Vegas! 


Bonus Episode: Mike is assumed dead, so his friends give away his stuff.

Approx 102 mins NOT RATED

$19.95   S&H $3 Flat


On This DVD..


See the documentry that explains the entire history of Havin' a Beer with Mike followed by "The Movie Episode" which features the gang's more serious acting talents as they follow a storyline that leads them to the woods where strange things are happening.  Yes, Ben joins a gay cult led by an outdated drill seargent who uses force and intimidation against his gay troop members. A parallel storyline involves Ben's lost twin brother who's on a mission to kidnap him.  The DVD ends with a very funny outakes reel.



Approx 60 mins NOT RATED

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