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Imagination Entertainment and Marketing    TV/Film/Net

Michael McDaniel TV, Inc. specializes in independent TV series production, syndication, pilots, marketing and licensing. Our firm also produces infomercials, spots and corporate video presentations.


​Our Programming Oulets :

G4 , TruTV, TIVO, MyNet, CBS Distribution, Fox Sports, Bravo UK, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Dish and multiple network affiliates and Indie TV stations throughout the U.S.

Production Partners:

Universal Studios, Disney and The Grand Ole Opry. Many of our broadcasts originate outside the studio using reality backdrops. 


Mike created a series The Singles Game in the 80's and later partnered with Universal Studios Florida when the program moved to Orlando in the 90's. The episodes produced at Universal aired in 200 cites throughout the U.S.

In the late 90's Mike created a new concept for Home shopping called The Down Home Shopping Network. Mike's new TV concept combined "Hee Haw" with Home Shopping. Mike enlisted music stars from the Grand Ole Opry and broadcast partners TNN, Nostalgia Network and multiple stations throughout the U.S.

From 99-2011 Mike's hit reality show, Havin' a Beer with Mike

ran throughout the U.S. and parts of Europe. The program can currently be seen on Dish Network. New episodes Havin' a Beer with Mike - Sports Features was released on Amazon Prime in 2016

In addition to documentaries and pilots for celebrities, Mike hosted and produced several infomercials. The most current infomerical releases in 2nd Q 2019.     

  • Creative Writing, Character and Content Development

  • TV Series Production Services 

  • Footage Available for Licensing 

  • Documentary Film 

  • ​Media Buying

  • ​Corporate and Viral Videos

  • ​Infotainment/Infomercials ​ 

  • ​Project Management

  • Music Videos

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